Welcome to Greenfield Flyers

Best place to fly.  Shade.  Tables.  Close to Bakersfield.  Long wide runway.  Friendly helpful members. 

(Modified 01/07/20)

Next Meeting: Sunday, February 2, 2020, 12 noon.

Greenfield Flyers

Come Fly With Us

Welcome to the Official Home Page for Greenfield Flyers, 

an AMA chartered model aircraft club in Bakersfield, California.

All AMA members are welcome to fly with us at 

Wekerle Field whenever you are in the area.  

Our 600 feet by 70 feet hard packed DG runway 

easily accommodates larger aircraft.  

Open airspace gives plenty of maneuvering room.

We have lots of shade, prep tables and safety run-up stands.

Instructors are available and pilot trainees are welcome.

The flying site is accessible to members only.

If you are interested in joining, come by on a meeting day, or arrange to meet up with one of our members.

For additional information about the club, please contact:

Kris Verren, President

Larry Stephens, Vice President

Harry Worley, Secretary

Warren Newbury,  Treasurer

L. Stephens, Safety Coordinator

W. Newbury,  S. Dhindsa, Webmasters,  email:

Greenfield Flyers

AMA 4741

Next Meeting

Sunday, February 2, 2020, 12 noon.

Best Place to Fly

Best Deal in Kern County

Our club dues are only $60 per year. 

One club charges $75 for no tables or shade, and only 4 flying days per week.

Another club has been $100 a year for a long time.

A third local club is $200 for first time members.

Check This Out


Your FAA registration may have expired.  

Go to faadronezone on the internet.  

Some FAA cards were extended by one year.

Club Members:

Change the numbers after you open the lock.

Don't leave the combination on the lock.


Mrs. Rick Trani said thanks to all who have purchased any of Rick's estate sale items.  You can contact Mike Valdez to see if anything is still available.