Welcome to Greenfield Flyers

Best place to fly.  Shade.  Tables.  Close to Bakersfield.  Long wide runway.  Friendly helpful members.      (Modified 10/19)

Meeting time Sunday November 3, 12 noon.


Come Fly With Us


You have reached the Official Home Page for Greenfield Flyers, 

an AMA chartered model aircraft club in Bakersfield, California. 

All AMA members are welcome to fly with us at 

Wekerle Field whenever you are in the area.  

Our 600 feet by 70 feet hard packed DG runway 

easily accommodates larger aircraft.  

Open airspace gives plenty of maneuvering room.  

We have lots of shade, prep tables and safety run-up stands.  

Instructors are available and pilot trainees are welcome.

For additional information about the club, please contact:   

Mike Valdez, President  (661) 809-0700,   

Harry Worley, Vice President,   

 Larry Stephens,  Secretary,   

Warren Newbury,  Treasurer,  

M. Valdez,  Safety Coordinator, 

W. Newbury,  Webmaster,  email

Greenfield_Flyers AMA 4741

Next meeting date Sunday, November 3, 12 noon.   Change the numbers after you open the lock.  Don't leave the combination on the lock.

Check This Out

NEWS - Your FAA registration may have expired. Go to faadronezone on the internet. Some FAA cards were extended by one year.

Fly In at Buttonwillow Airport. Saturday November 30.

By Stacy Bond.

Planning is still under way, so keep in mind that things are subject to change, but I wanted to give you a heads up on what we hope to have. 

o Sweepstakes giveaway - We will have a secondary prize giveaway that will involve the purchase of tickets.  This giveaway will have some prizes that have been donated to the club for this purpose.  If you have anything you would like to donate, let us know.  The drawing on this may be a drawing where the winner gets to pick from the prizes that are available.  Another possibility is that we could have cups that you put your ticket into.  So if you buy ten tickets and there are ten prizes, you could put all 10 into one cup (if it's a prize you really want), one ticket in each of the ten cups, or any combination thereof.  A winner would then be drawn from each cup to receive the prize the cup represents.  More information will be available once we see what we have and how we prefer to run the sweepstakes.  Again, should you have anything (in decent shape) to donate (planes, equipment, parts, flying related stuff, etc), let us know.

o Swap Meet - Have old planes, equipment, accessories you no longer need?  Bring it with you and sell, trade or give it away in our swap meet.  I'll bring one less plane so I have room for an extra one on the way back!!!

o BBQ - We'll cook up some lunch and maybe even have some donuts or something for breakfast.  A list will go out later for people to sign-up for what they'd like to bring.  Basically the same thing we've done in the past.

If anyone would be interested in any contests just for fun (fastest plane, lowest flying plane, spot landing...   you know, the kind of stuff us guys do every week).  With all the other activities, I don't think we should do too many or have it officiated like our normal Fun Fly, but we could have some spontaneous unofficial challenges if you like.  I'll bring the GPS meter just in case.

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Additional Information

Minutes August 4 Meeting

Vice President sent a letter to Donald Collins, Progressive Farming, telling him about the Club's change of status.

No reply yet.  Patrick suggested sending another one Certified mail.

$50 donation made to Lamont Sheriff's office. S.A.L.

Thanks Again to Tony G for cleaning up the field Again.  He is Stronger Than Weeds!

We are in un-controlled airspace, category 5.  No letter is needed although the AMA may contact us.

3 Tips for Safe Flying:  1. Don't fly toward people.     2. Fly north of the runway.   3.  Check your radio control system after any  "incident"

Work Day coming up to re-attach the metal roof and other small chores.

WELCOME to all the new members and potential members!

AMA membership comes first because of insurance, but they include a nice magazine.

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Minutes July 7 meeting

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. by President, Mike Valdez.

President's Report: Discussion of Rick Trani’s collection of airplanes and engines; when they will be ready to put on the web site for sale.

Vice-President's Report: Letter sent to owner of property and inquiry of lease payment

Treasurer's Report: Balance in checking account as of 7/7/19 is $755.40

New Business: Discussed donation to youth organization as per W. Newbury. Received donations from members and discussed whether to donate anonymously,

Meeting was closed at 12:21 p.m.

Estate Sale


For Sale from President Rick's collection.  

If needed I can send individual photos of each Item. 

All items are sold as is.

Photos on next page.

·         OS MAX 10 FSR: $20.00

·         OS MAX 25:        $25.00

·         OS MAX FX 25:  SOLD $30.00

·         OS MAX H 40:    $45.00

·         OS MAX FP 40:  $40.00

·         OS MAX FXi46:  $25.00

·         OS MAX FX 46:  $40.00

·         OS MAX AX 55:  $50.00

·         Anderson Spitfire 6100: $50.00

·         Norvel 1 cc  (.061): Make an offer

·         COX Red Bee .049 (might be .020): Make an offer

·         OK Cub: Make an offer

·         #1 Cox .049 ?: Make an offer

·         #2 Cox TD .09 ?: Make an offer

·         DLE 55: $175.00

·         Futaba 10CAP FM: $75.00